Newsletter #18 10/13/14

13 Oct

Today happened to be the Island half marathon race, and it reminded me that a CSA vegetable season is a marathon too. Although […]

Newsletter #17 10/06/14

6 Oct

Yes, we are still cranking out heavy laden veggie totes well into October! Though we are nearing the end of our CSA season […]

Newsletter #16 09/28/14

28 Sep

Our small farm used to support 8 chickens, though over time it proved to be deceptive. 4 of the 8 turned out to […]

Newsletter #15 09/22/14

22 Sep

Don’t you find it odd that people will put more work into choosing their mechanic or house contractor than they will into choosing […]

Newsletter #13 09/08/14

7 Sep

As we move into the final weeks of our season together, I was reflecting on the many farming practices both large and small […]

Newsletter #12 09/02/14

2 Sep

September is known as “The Harvest Season” and boy-howdy, is it. Our members have noticed their shoulders straining and the tote handles pinching […]

Week #12 pickup will be on Tues 08/02/14 only

27 Aug

Hello members! Because of the Labor Day holiday, your week #12 pickup will be on the following Tuesday 08/02/14 only.¬† If you are […]

Newsletter #11 08/24/14

25 Aug

It was 3 days away from the farm this past week. My wife and I traveled to Maine where our oldest daughter was […]

Newsletter #10 08/17/14

17 Aug

Microclimates have a macro impact on the way we live and the foods and other plants we grow. Summer at Two Black Sheep […]

Newsletter #9 08/10/14

11 Aug

Having little need to go regularly¬†the barbershop for a haircut ( some call it bald, but I prefer the “hair-free” moniker) it’s always […]